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  1. The theme "Oxygen" is great but, It has some parts that are not translated, How can I translate them for the

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Anyone can help translate using our GlotPress translation engine. You can suggest a new translation for any of the English original strings.

    Otherwise you can let me know the strings that need to be translated.

  3. I can translate core and side services like Jetpack from GlotPress but, not themes.

    Please translate this in Oxygen theme ,Arabic:
    1- "Main Menu", It appears on mobiles or after zooming on PC, It should be القائمة الرئيسية, however, القائمة is better.
    2- There too, I made them in Paint, &

    I would be happy if I can may be added as a language validator or know how many translations should I do?

  4. I've just added the first string, but the other ones you need to write because I then can copy/paste them. You've also been added as a validator.

  5. The first string is not translated on my mobile and PC :(

    by Abdelrahman Helmi · in حول العالم، خمسات، علوم.
    كتبها %author% في %categories%

  6. Do the translations take time to work, I approved a string but, It didn't change :(

  7. They have to be deployed by us, which I just did for you. It might take a little while until you see the change.

  8. So, I need for a while until the strings I verify are changed?

  9. That's correct. Best is to do a bunch and then contact us to deploy.

  10. You told me that you translated these but, Nothing happened :(

    Also, -as I told you- القائمة is better than القائمة الرئيسية.

    Sorry for that :)

  11. Could you please send me the GlotPress string instead? If you double click on a string in GlotPress, click on "Permalink to this translation" to get the permalink.

    Btw isn't القائمة more referring to a 'list' instead of 'main menu' ?

  12. I can't find these strings in GlotPress.

    القائمة means Menu or list, In Arabic, Menu and List are the same.

    Thanks for adding me as a validator.

  13. It should be updated now.

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