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    universalgeni, you can translate any language into English using the Google Translate (go to Consequently, you can come up with the appropriate URL by following the above example.

    fairchildonrage, I was referring to my earlier code (posted above as first comment) running into character encoding issues with Chrome and IE8 (the Chinese characters were not showing up properly) however, your flag icons are images so there is no issue there.


    @ismailimail. okay, i thought otherwise. sorry :D


    Yes, I am actually trying but I’m a novice at this. I can’t get it right. I’ll try fairchildonrages’s code now.

    Thanks guys. :-D)))


    This is a fantastic idea! You fine folks rock!


    Thanks for the email. IT WOOOORKS! Now I think I’ll be able to figure out how to make the rest of the languages.

    Thanks a million fairchildonrage!!!!!!!!!



    I’ll settle for the English version. I’m too stupid to figure out the rest. :-(


    Thanks again!


    There is a small mistake in the flag version. The Swiss flag is there but it should have been the Romanian flag. This one:


    Also an error in the Polish translation. The letters are not “po”. They should be corrected to “pl”.


    @universalgeni. you can do it! :D i’ll try to do something like the one i sent you for other languages as well and have it updated in my post and fix some errors too. thanks!


    @universalgeni. wow! you actually did it, translating danish not only in english but to different lanuguages! congrats, well done! XD


    Thank you. And thank you so very much for your help. :-D



    i kinda need help on this..
    i was trying to figure out how to put the url of the picture with the url of my blog?
    can someone help? ]:



    Thank you for sharing!


    @ sjb3rna08

    Could we have a few more details? Frankly, I don’t understand the problem? :-D




    Ohh. ‘coz I wanted my translation link to have the flags of the countries too..
    I was wondering how I could do that?
    I saw your page and saw your translation link on your sidebar.. ^^


    Well, I believe that you could just copy the links in fairchildonrage’s comment (the one with the flag links) to the HTML section on your “Write Post” page. In the HTML field you exchange fairchildonrage’s blog url with your own blog url. That should do it.


    Thank you.

    This additional bit of code can help save some room in the column. It uses css, not a frame.

    <div style="height:100px;overflow:auto;background-color:#FFFFCC;">

    Adjust the height and background color as needed. Remember to close the div tag with </div>



    Thanks. How cool is this!




    Thank you soo much for the HELP! ^^


    Whoa! That is a good idea! Thanks for sharing it! ^^



    mentaldimensions, is there a css code to change color of the text in the widget? Or any properties of text which could be changed?

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