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Translate your blog into different languages

  1. Thank you. And thank you so very much for your help. :-D

  2. hi!
    i kinda need help on this..
    i was trying to figure out how to put the url of the picture with the url of my blog?
    can someone help? ]:

  3. Thank you for sharing!

  4. @ sjb3rna08

    Could we have a few more details? Frankly, I don't understand the problem? :-D

  5. @universalgeni

    Ohh. 'coz I wanted my translation link to have the flags of the countries too..
    I was wondering how I could do that?
    I saw your page and saw your translation link on your sidebar.. ^^

  6. Well, I believe that you could just copy the links in fairchildonrage's comment (the one with the flag links) to the HTML section on your "Write Post" page. In the HTML field you exchange fairchildonrage's blog url with your own blog url. That should do it.

  7. mentaldimensions

    Thank you.

    This additional bit of code can help save some room in the column. It uses css, not a frame.

    <div style="height:100px;overflow:auto;background-color:#FFFFCC;">

    Adjust the height and background color as needed. Remember to close the div tag with </div>

  8. Thanks. How cool is this!

  9. @universalgeni

    Thank you soo much for the HELP! ^^


    Whoa! That is a good idea! Thanks for sharing it! ^^

  10. mentaldimensions, is there a css code to change color of the text in the widget? Or any properties of text which could be changed?

  11. mentaldimensions

    I'm sure there is. I haven't been keeping up with css and forgot a lot of what I learned. The code I posted above I grabbed out of my site backups from 2005 or 2006 when I had my own domain and wasn't using wordpress or any type of Content Management System.

    Sometime in the future I may refresh my memory, but for now, hopefully this will help answer that question: Google Web Results for css tutorial

  12. Thank you so much everyone who contributed here!
    I had the same problem as universalgeni (but my blog is in Swedish) and this was a great help. Even managed to get the flags - and all on my own too!

  13. thanks for this, managed to get one up but i must have done something wrong somewhere as it doesn't automatically translate like yours,

  14. ahh fixed it thanks a lot for this

  15. I wanted to do this on my blog, and I sampled one of the blogs on the previous pages, but after i clicked "translate" the page stopped responding. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Or is it just my browser?

  16. Great things come from many minds! Of course as a professional translator (Spanish/English/Portuguese/etc.) I have to admit that most of the translations I understand on my site ( are more entertaining than informative. Still, it gets the message across and anyway, perfection just doesn't exist! Many thanks all...

  17. And as an aspiring English/Spanish/Portuguese translator, I do agree with jimenaprospero.

    That being said, I thank those who have helped in creating these codes! Gets the point across

    PS - Any way to get a Brazilian flag as an alt. to the Portuguese flag?


  18. Gracias, funciona perfecto. Thanks, it works right.

  19. fairchildonrage

    @lizii. please counter check if you've copied the codes correctly and try refreshing your browser. works well with the others and so it must work for you too! :)

  20. Thank you very much Ismailimail! I added the translation to my blog, and also fairchildonrage's flags, (although I saved the pics to my own directory of course). It looks great and works like a charm :)

  21. Hi
    I think this is a useful topic that I need. I try copy the code and paste into my webblog: .I realized that it not translated entirely my blog into difference language.
    Anyone help me? I'm from Vietnam.
    Thank you very much Ismailimail for the code.

  22. @ismailimail: super! it runs and it's cool!

    @ismailimail: google has added new languages (like Vietnamese) ... I could add those languages copying parts of your original code, but then the language names are not listed in their "original version" ... I would prefer the word Vietnamese in Vietnamese ... so if you would be so kind ...

    @ (idonotrememberhisnickandimnotgoingtolookbackforhisnick): automatic translations always sound a little bit weird, but at least they help you figure out the basic points that were made in the source post. People who are not fluent in English will get an easy clue on what was ment with the post. Of course, an automatic translation cannot be used in official communications or in professional publications, but they do help people get over a threshold.

  23. @janlagast, it's been long since I posted the codes here and I have evolved the original code. If you take a look at the translation text widget at my site, you may see that I have images of text linked to the translation code. However, if you got the gist of what's being done with the codes, then you should be able to come up with new ideas on how to provide translation codes for your visitors, for example, some people have added pictures of the flags of different countries.

    I have also added the additional languages Google is now translating.

  24. Thank you ismailimail ! it really works !

  25. wow thanks and thanks for ur help!!!!!!

  26. Why is there no link for the translation into English? Most of my blog posts are in Filipino. And I don't want to translate them manually even if I can.

  27. I would tranlate from italian to english.
    Ismailimail, please. Can you help me?

  28. But the Google Translate have a bug with the soucecode language='html' shortcode :(

  29. Google Translate? But it's impossible to use with WordPress. Or not? I've tried to put it in a text widget, but the code disappears :-(

  30. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!

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