Translated strings signed as current that don’t appear

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    Hallo. I’m moving this question in the topic “translating” as a new topic.

    I´m translating to Galician language (one of the languages in Spain) <; in Word Press Translating Project <;

    There are translated strings signed as “Approved(current)” that don’t appear.

    An example is in Support of Edit Post:
    “Most of the modules on this screen can be moved. If you hover your mouse over the title bar of a module you’ll notice the 4 arrow cursor appears …etc.”
    This string is translated twice to Gl. and was signed as current both, but I see the text in English in My Dashboard.
    And the next string:
    “The same modules can be expanded and collapsed by clicking once …etc.” appears translated, and it was very quickly.

    What happens whith the first part? The same is happening whith some “Add New” strings in the left bar of the Dashboard, and any others that I don’t remember just now.


    The blog I need help with is



    Translations are approved on a weekly basis – don’t worry :)



    It seems that now the problem is solved.
    Thank you for explain me that the approvement is weekly (sometimes it’s faster).
    Then, I will continue with translation woorriless. Thanks again :)

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