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    Dear everyone,

    I have a problem: I publish my blog in Swedish under the, and then I wanted to make an English translation – so I registered another blog with an English name and translated most posts. But since that blog was also put under, I get 0 hits and reads for the English version – people do not find it (since the category names are in English but they are lodged under

    My first idea for a solution was to make another account under and move the English blog there, but when I try to register the other account (adding “eng”) to my name, I just get an uninformative “oops” error message. I tried to do this at my office computer also, in both IE and Mozilla, but I never succeed in registering the other account.

    Anyone run into this problem before? Anyone got any suggestions for solutions? Thanks in advance.

    – Tony



    could you please give us the url of these blogs? Did you set “english” as a language of your english blog under “Options” > “General”?
    How did you exactly try to register a new blog under “”? What was the exact text of the “uninformative “oops” error message”?

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