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Translating VideoPress

  1. Hello, Could you add Indonesian language to VideoPress and me as a validator? Username is: Ztutorial
    Thanks :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Indonesian was added for VideoPress. As far as validation is concerned, please see this thread, which I'm sure you've seen before.

  3. Thanks.
    I've been finish translating VideoPress for Indonesian:
    And currently all strings on VideoPress are waiting approval. Perhaps, could you give me validator access on VideoPress to approve it?

  4. I see no string in iOS projects{" }, can you explain it to me?

  5. It's there now

  6. Oh...thank you...
    Btw, can you give me validator access for Indonesian on ? Please..

  7. Problem resolved. Please close this topic. Thank you very much.

  8. Thanks

  9. @vanillalounge: I apologize for all my mistake yesterday. I promise to not repeat my mistakes. I will be more serious. Sorry if I have too many mistakes. I hope you and other employees can forgive me. Thank you for all your advice and attention during this. I hope you give me a chance. Thank you very much, Vanillalounge

  10. @vanillalounge: when you will make site? Sorry if this is out of topic..

  11. This actually up to the Gravatar developers, we have no control over that.

  12. Beau has informed me that:

    We need to manually configure new languages on before they become available, and we don't normally do that until there is a decent amount of translation work done. It looks like you've done a bunch already, that's great!

    We're actually about to do a refresh of the translations on Gravatar (hopefully in the next week), so we'll make sure to add the subdomain then.

    Thanks again!


    Thank you very much Beau and Vanillalounge... :D

  13. Hi, Vanilalounge.
    Can you make me as a validator in all Indonesian projects at GlotPress?
    For consideration, you can see my work:

    Already completed(100%):

  17. In the process:

  19. Thanks!

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