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    I was translating to Galician (one of official Spanish languages), and I’m a begginer in this work. Well, the first strings translated by me was shown very quickly in the Galician language interface <; , but latest strigs don’t appear, and some of them was translated a few days ago, may be a week ago (?). I’m worry about why that is happening.
    There is also translated strings signed as “Approved(current)” that don’t appear.


    Hi, translations don’t usually get deployed immediately (it usually takes a few days). I’ve checked that gl is pending a deploy, so I’ll do that right now and you should see the new strings appear in a few hours. Thanks.



    They are running now.

    “I’ve checked that gl is pending a deploy” Yes, I worked a lot, and it is a lot of work for you. I will be more patient in future.

    I´m very thankfull. :-)



    Hallo again.
    Still there is this another trouble:
    There are translated strings signed as “Approved(current)” that don’t appear.

    An example is in Support of Edit Post:
    “Most of the modules on this screen can be moved. If you hover your mouse over the title bar of a module you’ll notice the 4 arrow cursor appears …etc.”
    This string is translated twice to Gl. and was signed as current both, but I see the text in English in My Dashboard.
    And the next string:
    “The same modules can be expanded and collapsed by clicking once …etc.” appears translated, and it was very quickly.

    What happens whith the first part? The same is happening whith some “Add New” strings in the left bar of the Dashboard, and any others that I don’t remember just now.


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