translation and encoding issue

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    Last time I checked, the Korean wordpress translation database (in, about half of the translated strings were in the UTF8 encoding and the other half were in the EUC-KR encoding.

    I suggest the system to choose and force one encoding in the translation database. Contributors (voluntary translators) doesn’t know that there are more than one encodings, so enforcing the encoding must be the burden of the system, or the moderator.

    I’ve heard that if you install wordpress by yourself (installing from as opposed having an account in, Korean translations actually work there (it doesn’t work in a blog even if I choose Korean from the blog preference), so another suggestion is that rather than growing the database in from scratch, we should first import from the already established database.



    About the last part of your post (importing):
    Importing is possible in the new system, but just with a validator permission or above.
    Contact the validator of your language:
    He can import MO/PO files into the system.

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