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Translation from or into (endangered) African languages

  1. interglossiaafricana

    In this era of globalisation, can translation from or into all (endangered) African languages actually contribute to the preservation of these languages and to the promotion of world culture and civilisation?

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  2. Could you provide a list of african languages we should take into consideration?

  3. interglossiaafricana

    I will mention some of the languages of the Bamboutos Division of West Region of Cameroon, namely: Mbafeung (which some linguists prefer to call Ngombale), Ngomba, Ngiemboon and Mengaka. By all indications and despite some laudable attempts in the direction of writing, all these languages are shrinking qualitatively and quantitatively and, therefore, need to be protected in the face of the agressive progression of French and English, which remain the sole languages of school instruction and administration in the area. Besides, Cameroon has about 278 such languages, and according to Ethnologue reports, 5 have no known speakers. It is likely that many of the languages will continue to dissapear if no serious mesure is taken to promote their effective and efficient use.

  4. interglossiaafricana

    For more information on languages of Cameroon, please see

  5. I'm not sure if your topic is more philosophical than technical. As far as the original question is concerned, I'm afraid we're not qualified to answer it. It is a linguistic/philological debate.

    What we can do is provide support on the platform, for those languages where one or more users volunteer to translate and manage it.

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