Translation mistake in “Redoable Lite”

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    Redoable Lite in German language:

    The text “Leave a comment” has been translated to “Hinterlasse eine Kommentar” which is the wrong grammar case but must be “Hinterlasse einen Kommentar”. This is embarrassing as it is written below every post of the whole blog…

    I did not find the translators or the creator to contact them. Can anybody help? Thanks

    The blog I need help with is



    You can add your correct translation at
    You should be able to search for the wrong phrase in the list there and then add your correction.



    Perfect thanks, I found it there!


    That’s just one of the many, many problems with Redoable Lite. Contacting the creator or wordpress about them is rather useless, but just as a point of exercise:

    When you call up the blog by the blog name, the text goes all across the page flush against the sidebar.

    But when you call up a post by the individual post address, the text is only two-thirds across, leaving a big gap between the text and the sidebar.

    I have tried to get answers why this is has to be, and why it can’t be fixed, but nobody seems to care.

    There is also a huge problem with the banner. You can upload your own photo or graphic, but no matter how much you try, there will always be two thin, ugly red bars on either end.

    Oh, and in comments – never embed a link, because it doesn’t show up unless you by chance happen to hover your cursor over the text. Links should be inserted as http:// etc etc so they are obvious.

    Alles klar? :-)

    – Gruß aus Hamburg



    thanks husdal

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