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Translation of Sapphire Theme

  1. I was trying to translate some phrases of the theme Sapphire but seems they aren't avaliable in WP Translation Project. I´m using this theme in a secondary blog: The greatest problems are in Comments, as I found by now. It's a nice theme, I'd like to see it in my language (Galician/Galego -gl-). Now it shows a mixture, as the interface language in my user profile is "Galego"... And I can't translate it!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Contact support here directly and talk to them about it.

  3. Thank you. But I'm now waiting for another question to support, also about translation. A technical trouble with html, I think. And I don't wont to get an accumulation of queries whithout answer by direct contact.

  4. One issue with the WP Translation Project appears to be that you never know which theme the phrase belongs to, since the same phrase appears over and over again, clearly indicating that there are theme-specific phrases. So even if you translate a phrase, it may not belong to the theme you are using.

  5. I agree, "husdal". I search for the exact phrase with the filter of All Items and sometimes I find a lot of similar strings. But I don´t find some items of Sapphire, as I wrote. I'll try again, sometimes there are minimum differences that make difficult the searching.

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