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    Hi I have created a blog on and before launching it I would like to know if there is a concrete solution to create a multilingual option (FR/EN) and if yes, what do I have to do? My original text is in French but I would like to create an English option. Do I have to translate my texts manually? Thank you in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Take a look at this thread about bilingual blogs on

    (I moved this thread to the Support forum: the translation forum is for folks working on translating themes to languages other than English. For example names of the months, theme credits, widget names, “leave a comment” and so on.)


    Many thanks! Just created to menus and it works. Now do you know a solution not to translate myself the texts? Is there an option or anything? Thank you!


    My theme allows only one menu, consequently I cannot create a second menu with the languages option. Any new solution?


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    One idea comes to mind (besides the obvious one of adding a sidebar and using a custom menu widget there: ), and that would be to include categories in both French and English on your posts. Then make the English categories child page links on your menu. You’d have the top navigation tabs displayed in French and their corresponding English versions displayed as child pages.

    Some folks who blog in more than one language make two websites, each with the same theme and images. Then they add a link from the French version to the blog with its English counterpart, and vice versa.

    I guess that’s 3 ideas, not just one.


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    If you decide to use a machine translation such as described by timethief
    and don’t want to add a sidebar
    you could try using a sticky post with the language options available for your site. The sticky post would remain on top with the image links she describes in her post.

    I’m wondering if you could even include the English category links in a sticky post instead of making them child pages of the French tabs in your custom menu.


    Ok many thanks for your answers. I followed you until the last email. Understood the sidebar menu option and the creation of two websites (although I don’t know how the link can stay on the front page somewhere visible in order for the visitors to see it quickly). But did not really understand the sticky post. How do you create a sticky post?


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    The problem with the sticky post idea is that a sticky post is only visible on your front / home page. You’d have to do something inelegant like putting the translation link into each post.

    With two websites, you’d add a navigation tab to the top custom menu so that whenever the top navigation is visible readers could switch from the French blog to the English blog (or the other way ’round).

    The child page idea would work as well because your custom menu stays on top and visible.


    Ok I see. Last questions. Sorry I have some difficulties with the languages option and I really have to solve this problem!

    1) Just tried the sticky post, I could use it as an “introduction post” and add a link saying, “for english version click here”.
    2) When you say navigation tab, do you mean adding a new category to the top custom menu with the english website link in it?
    3) Second website, I have to re-open a blog with the same name, same theme, same articles independent from the first one, right? For the domain do I have to pay (because I bought the premium package) for a new package in order to do an english version of my actual blog?
    4) Child page idea…didn’t get it yet, is it about creating a page? Not a post, not a category but a page?


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    1.) Correct.
    2.) The navigation menu has tabs:
    cities | events | people | essentials | moodboards
    (cities has a child page “tab” as well)
    So you can add a link to the second blog. Or you could add a link to “translation” the way timethief did (it’s a child page of “about).
    3.) You would open a new blog with a similar name: for example
    And yes you’d pay for the upgrades again.
    4.) This would not involve the automatic translation: you’d write separate French and English posts.
    The child pages would be custom links.
    For example one of your pages on your menu is:
    and when you publish a post with the category “events” it will appear when a reader clicks that tab (along with the other posts with the “events” category).
    The child page would have a link like this:
    so you’d write your English posts and assign the category “events-english” to each of them.


    Hi, was wondering if it would be possible to publish an article in a tabs but that does not appear in the main page, that goes directly under a category?


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    I don’t know of a way to exclude specific posts from the front page. Here is a work-a-round which could be used to display the posts you want on your front page. It’s a bit fussy and complicated.

    With the display posts shortcode, can set up a static front page to show posts from only specific categories.
    Something like this:
    [display-posts category="new-york" image_size="thumbnail"]
    You’d need to select a featured image for each post. And that code shows only the titles and the featured image.

    Or try this:
    [display-posts include_excerpt="true" category="new-york" posts_per_page="20"]
    You’d need to write a custom excerpt for each post in that category.

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