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Translations do not appear

  1. Hello, I have my Theme in "spanglish", because my language is spanish and some of the phrases are in english. I have these strings for my theme:

    I suggested some new translations for untranslated words and now have the status "waiting", like "Continue reading", and I saw that some of the english words were already translated with the status "current", for example "Older posts", but in my website still appearing in english.

    Please help me to solve this,

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi there, sorry for the delay in response. I checked and all the Grisaille strings you linked to above have been approved and deployed. Are there any more that you are missing? Could you please give me some examples and a link to your site?

  3. Great!! Thank you very much. Right now I dont have anything missing, but I will check and will let you know.

  4. Great, thanks for confirming.

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