Translations not synchronized with live interface

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    I’ve come across a few instances where translated strings in GlotPress somehow have not made it to the live site.

    In my case, I’m translating Chinese (Taiwan) words, I’ve set both my blog and global user settings to zh-tw.
    In GlotPress, I’m looking at the string “At a Glance” which has been translated and added since 2010-01-08, but on my dashboard, it still displays in English.

    Is that a (known) bug? or am I not looking at it right?


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    Hi there,

    I’m checking with our team to find out why that translated string isn’t live in your dashboard. We’ll let you know once we have that resolved. :)

    If you come across other strings like that, please feel free to post them here and we can take a look at those, too.




    It looks like the last deploy was not successful. I re-deployed zh-tw strings and this should be fixed now.
    This shouldn’t happen again, but let us know if you notice any issues again.
    Thanks for reporting the problem!



    Thanks, it indeed looks fixed on my side as well ^^

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