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Translator widget

  1. Hello
    Is it possible in the near future to add a translator widget for blogs so that just a single drag&drop to the sidebar and we have a multilingual blog present, with a list of languages available as a drop down list?

  2. Hi There!
    I moved this thread over to the ideas forum since this is a request and staff checks the idea forum for new widget request etc...

  3. @ritesh2103
    In the meanwhile there is a Google translation wordkaround you can use on a static page, and place a link to it in a text widget in your sidebar to provide access to the page. Visual example here >

    The code below produces a 3 column table. Simply replace "" with your own blogname throughout the following code and then copy and paste the code into the HTML editor on a static page.

    Click the link below to translate this blog into the language of your choice:
    <table border="0">
    <td><a href="">Afrikaans</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Albanian</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Arabic</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Armenian</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Azerbaijani</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Basque</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Belarusian</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Bulgarian</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Catalan</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Chinese  (S)</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Chinese  (T)</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Croatian</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Czech</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Danish</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Dutch</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Estonian</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Filipino</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Finnish</a></td>
    <td><a href="">French</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Galician</a></td>
    <td><a href="">German</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Georgian</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Greek</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Hebrew</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Hindi</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Hungarian</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Icelandic</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Indonesian</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Irish</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Italian</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Japanese</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Korean</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Latavian</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Lithuanian</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Macedonian</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Malay</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Maltese</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Norwegian</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Persian</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Polish</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Portuguese</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Romanian</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Russian</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Serbian</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Slovak</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Slovenian</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Spanish</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Swahili</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Swedish</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Thai</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Turkish</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Ukrainian</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Urdu</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Vietnamese</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Welsh</a></td>
    <td><a href="">Yiddish</a></td>
  4. thanks timethief, think will have to use this for the time being till an actual widget is done :)

  5. @ritesh2103
    You're welcome. There are 53 language links above and to me that would be a real space concern when it comes to sidebar display. I find that the single link in a text widget at the top of my in my sidebar to my translation page works very well for my readers. This is good news because the last thing I want is another widget in my sidebar that contains more displaying than a single link. So even if a translation widget for does become a reality I probably won't be using it.

  6. Hi can I use this for a site? and how thanks :D

  7. Plugins can't be used at

    imaginelifewithoutx, yes, read the instructions TT posted.

  8. Thanks @TimeThief, I'm going to try this right now =)

  9. Here's another example you might find useful. It uses lists instead of a table and the links are all in the target language just to make it a little easier. Right click then select "view source" to see the HTML code I used.

  10. For what it's worth, as an ice hockey blog, a one link translator in the sidebar would be awesome.

    No longer just North America and Europe. Reason enough for a one link translator. Ice hockey is now played in Mexico and China too.

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