Transliteration from Cyrillic to Latin

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    Is it possible to use a transliteration of the titles in the
    address bar of browser? Since I intend to write in Russian, would like
    to link to my posts meet the standards. Transliteration from Cyrillic
    to Latin once provided your service?

    The blog I need help with is



    On site, for example, initially implemented a transliteration of Cyrillic titles in Latin page address. Thus there are very few Russian-speaking communities, but the transliteration is supported. Possibility transliterated titles in the browser address bar would attract a much larger number of Russian-speaking users for



    Using your native language is totally standards-compliant and we haven’t encountered any problems with that.

    The only inconvenience I have with cyrillic URLs is that when you send it to friends it is sometimes seen with a lot of % characters. You can alleviate that by using the sort link: Admin Bar → Blog Info → Get Shortlink



    Then why the Russian blogger who work with platform, prefer to install on their blogs modules to transliteration, such If all is well, then this plugin would be useless. I applied to the support service, they advised me to edit the URL manually each time. You advise me to use shortlinks. But this means that every time I must open the editing page and do something with my hands. Why I have no choice, I used to like or links with transliteration? Why nobody says that this is good advice, and should think about this? Instead of the normal response I hear that does not give users the choice is a very good solution.

    When I ask my friends if they’re willing to migrate to, they tell me that there is no translit options. If they want to do blog entries through e-mail, then they will not open the web interface and fix links with his hands. After that, you still believe that no problem and everything is normal?



    I found a link on this forum a year ago, where the user asks the same question that I ask: When he asked no one in reply. You need to see another ten people who would say the same? Write to me, what can I do, and I will try to help.

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