Translucence: OMG, I am in *LOVE*!

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    (Second try posting this.. it was up for a little while, then mysteriously vanished!)

    Please, please, please, please, please, prettypretty please can we have it???

    And the demo:

    It’s got just about EVERYTHING. Custom background, widgets, menu… And it’s free!

    I think the thing I love the most about it is the balance between the background, and the content, with the content being in an opaque area. The sidebar as semi-opaque is genius.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi heather:

    Best place for feature or theme requests is over here.



    Actually, the theme team said earlier that theme requests should be in the theme forum. Has this changed? The themes forums seems the most appropriate place for them.


    @heatheringemar, that is a very nice theme. I would love to see it available here.

    Good find!!


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    That would be news to me about putting theme requests into the theme forum. I thought the theme forum was meant to ask about theme specific problems?

    It has not been around very long but I can’t find where it started now. It says “discuss wordpress themes” but ideas for themes are not yet wp themes.


    @thesacredpath @1tess As Lance mentioned in the first post the Themes forum is the best place for theme suggestions. Sorry for the confusion above.


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    I have asked about this in the moderator forum and will post back.


    Ah yes, it’s in the sticky at the top of the themes forum.



    Wow Great find I really like how clean this theme looks I really hope the theme team adds this theme to it surely would be a great addition…


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    Instant response here and in forum:
    You are correct.
    “theme requests should be in the theme forum”

    Embarrassed me! who reads those sticky posts…
    responses above indicate that

    I’m no the only one…


    No problem Tess, but I was sure I had seen that. I went back and read it after Andrew posted.


    @sacredpath @slikbonez

    :) I was stunned when I saw Translucence. :) It was a serious drool moment, lol. I hope they add it, too.


    @heather, I’ve downloaded the .ORG version and will probably be using it in a while on a client’s site. I think they are going to love it. I too hope it shows up here.


    3 Thumbs up for Translucence !!


    So can the Translucense Theme be used on WordPress ? and if so do you just download it ?



    No. Downloaded themes can’t be used at WordPress.COM. They can only be used on independently-hosted blogs from WordPress.ORG.



    I would vote to add it. It is beautiful

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