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Transparency/animation and avatars

  1. Ok ladies, time to hike up those skirts and be freindly to the artists among us!

    ... Er.. um.. well.. Thank you very sweetly for the ability to upload our own avatars?

    But I need a checkbox option to stop the form from redirecting me to the crop/resize page.

    I am an artist and have a carefully-made transperant animated gif, a version without animation with transperant PNG at 8 kilobites, and ... well..

    *siiigh* I gotta export one now with just plain white. I know, I know, 'laziness!'

    ... But this shows up even on gravatar, that custom-made avatars with careful handiwork at no more than 30 kb get that crop-function after upload, and It makes me hiss at the screen.

    Again though, much-loving thanks to the WordPress team and supporters <3

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