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Transparent background to image

    Can I get a transparent background to an image which I want to add to a post, please? It's coming up with a white background, whereas I would like it basically, to have no background. (My current theme is pink so it looks kinda silly!)
    Many thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm not gonna go away!

  3. You have those frames around your images because that is how the gallery feature is designed to look in Strange Little Town theme.

  4. It's the smiley featured in the above-mentioned post that I mean.

  5. The link goes to your dashboard and I can not look at your dashboard. Does it mean that you have not published the post you are talking about?


  7. You need to create a different version of the image: PNG with transparent background.

  8. Thanks. What is PNG?

  9. PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics. It's a lossless bitmap image format that is popular on the World Wide Web and elsewhere. PNG was largely developed to deal with some of the shortcomings of the GIF format and allows storage of images with greater color depth and other important information.


  10. Thanks very much indeed. I shall immediately start swotting up on it! Thanks.

  11. Many graphics programs such as Photo Shop and Gimp will work with PNG as well as many other formats and save images in different formats. Gimp is open source and free if you don't want to buy or don't have an existing graphics program. I use Gimp and have been quite happy with it.

    Good luck

  12. +1 for Gimp. I use Photoshop, but I also have Gimp and it is a great program.

  13. Thanks, guys. Your help and advice is always very much appreciated.

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