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    I have 2 established blogs on & I have now established seperate hosting accounts for each and have downloaded and installed wordpress on my computer and uploaded it and my files to the host for the cookbook. I am mystified, though, as to what I need to do to access as I can still see it online but no longer have access to edit it. My has reverted to General Dashboard & all default settings. Before I screw things up anymore, any suggestions for straightening this out?



    Are your blogs under separate usernames at all? Because if they’re not and you can get to the dashboard of one blog, you should be able to get to the dashboard of the other by changing the name next to view site… have you tried logging out of WordPress and clearing your browser cache and cookies, then trying it again? Or maybe in a different browser? That might help.

    If that doesn’t work, can you describe what’s happening a bit more? For instance, what do you see when you click on the link below? Can you log in or is it just the Global Dashboard? Can you see the blue bar on your blog that says My Dashboards?



    This is the Global Dashboard, btw, so you can see if it’s the same.

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