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    I have a couple of ? I’m new at this, so make your answer simple. :) When we take a group on a trip thru our agency, I am doing a blog. I post pics of the group, and places we’ve visited, etc. When that trip is over, I still want the clients to have access to it, but would like to move all those posts over to a sidebar, or the blogroll, under one folder, so that I can start a new trip. Is this possible? I also do a similar blog for a classroom of 6th graders, under a different url. I tried to copy and paste, and the pics won’t come across. Easy way to do this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Don’t cut and past anything – assign a Category to each trip and series of Posts about that trip – then put the Category Widget in the Sidebar – that way anyone can click on a Category and see all the Posts for a particular trip.

    A hint: use the Read More command on your older Posts so they will burn less bandwidth and make your site easier to browse and visitors that have already seen a particular Post will not need to load and look at stuff they have already read.

    Your Post will move off the front page as you make new Posts – and if you use the Read More command your site will be more friendly.

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