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treba question

  1. Hi again,

    hopefully this will be the last question on my friend's personal chef start-up site: at

    if you look, I have gotten rid of the comments, date, even the footer stuff at the bottom that says something about wordpress, but under the image I put in the footer, that damn "Theme: Treba" won't budge. I tried everything I have recently learned from asking you all questions, but I am stuck on that one.


    Also, I love wordpress =)


  2. Maybe try changing the CSS to this:

    #footer {display:none}


  3. But see, I made my own footer, but the old footer is somehow showing through... so when I do the display:none; --- it makes the whole thing go away... mysterious...

  4. actually, I just figured out a way to fix it... I made a font size line that make the font so tiny it wouldn't be noticeable...

    thanks anyway!

  5. I didn't realize you made your own header, but I would have had a suggestion to replace what you did, but if that works for you.....Great!


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