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    I want to test a new theme (Ari) and see if it will allow everything set up on my current theme (Twenty 11), without publishing it. Because it will take me some time to test out all widgets, etc., I don’t want to have the blog online and incomplete.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there, you can do a live preview of the Ari theme on your blog here:

    (You can preview any theme by finding it under Appearance > Themes and then clicking “Live Preview”).

    You can find out more information about the theme here:

    And see the theme demo here:

    Once you change a theme, your widgets carry over. In the rare case that your widgets don’t show, look for them under Appearance > Widgets, in the Inactive Widgets section at the bottom of the page and re-drag and drop them into the appropriate section.

    I hope this helps – let me know if you need further assistance!


    Well … yes, I do, Jenia: I’ve already found all those pages, but what I want to be able to do is to … lemme think … to take the live demo and play around with it, without publishing it. I might want to go three columns, for instance – I don’t know.
    And that’s why I asked about TRIALLING a new template: how does someone who has a blog site running get around the need to play around with a new template without publishing it?



    Then I suggest you create a test blog specifically for trying things out before implementing them on your main live site. You can sign up for a new blog here: and then if you want, you can set it as private under Settings > Reading.

    You could even import the content of your current blog into your private test blog.

    Does this help answer your question?


    Ah, now THAT’s a nice idea!
    Damned fine! – thank-you, Jenia!
    I never think of stuff: always need someone to do the practical thinking for me.
    Grazie tante!




    You are welcome – happy blogging! :)


    Helloooo …?
    Can someone please tell me how come, during the time I’m spending on playing around with a trial blogsite, stats turn up telling me that I’ve had 9 people viewing it and I set it to be private?
    In other words, how can anybody even know it exists?



    Blog owner visits are included in the private blog stats, so those would be your visits to your own blog.


    Oh! – how extraordinary!
    Yes indeed, that would explain it. :-|
    Thanks again, Jenia.

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