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Tricks people play...

  1. Okay, so if you have been on any blogging forum long enough, you would have seen a lot of tricks people play to get more people to visit their blogs. And lets call a spade a spade - we see why you are doing what you are doing, but it doesn't make it any less funny.

    Mine would be - complimenting random people about their post and writing on the forums, when you don't even 'like' or comment on their blog (I have doubts about them even actually visiting the page, but...). After a while, everybody knows what you are doing. Why not try being real?

    What tricks do you find funny?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Commenting on Freshly Pressed blogs to attract people to my blog. :)

  3. I have never quite done anything atrocious regarding this matter on wordpress but I have been banned several times for being innovative on reddit :P

  4. "Banned for Innovation" That would make a good tee shirt.

    I haven't seen as many tricks in the Forums, but I get them all the time in spam. In the Forums, I see mostly pleading for attention without offering compelling reasons.

    My favorite dumb spam attempt is when they send 10 generic positive comments from different people in the same foreign country that all use the exact same words. Each one links back to a sales or gambling site.

  5. habituatedbuddhist

    Commenting on "Freshly Pressed" sites... wow, that one actually makes sense (laugh). I'd try it but now that you mentioned it I'd feel dirty if I did.

  6. strawberryindigo

    I'm doing my blog because I love to write, it's good practice and it's fun. I don't want to be the best blogger in the world and it's highly unrealistic of me to expect to get a lot of "hits". I don't want to make money advertising on the web.
    I honestly want to become a better, even dare I say, great writer someday. This is a stop along the way.
    I would like to think that the bloggists who have commented or "liked" what I wrote were being genuine. I am not here to play games with people. I am honest.
    Every comment I have made is from my heart and I only "Like" something if I truly like it. No tricks, no games... Don't need it.

  7. Thank you, Strawberry.

    Sorry to be rude, I don't mean to be, but let's call a spade a spade... this is pathetic. Best trick I've ever seen is to create a killer blog and not have to worry about hits and comments b/c you drive people to your site with all the beauty and creativity that lives within you. Come on, people.

  8. You're not sorry, Gigi. Own it or go home.

    At one time I was #3 on Google for "Beaver Shots" because my category was pictures of actual woodland beavers etc, and I'd just report to SafeSearch all the dirty pictures. It was awesome.

  9. Tricks! I don't have time for tricks.

  10. My favorite trick is going to potential viewers homes, gagging them, then leaving their computer on with my blog as their browser homepage. All they can do is look a it!

  11. strawberryindigo

    Is THAT what happened last night? It took me hours to get that gag off....I do like your blog as my homepage though, it's very homey. Thanks Maximsmadness.

  12. Illusion! A trick is something whores do for money...

    - Gob Bluth

  13. LOL

  14. theinsanityaquarium

    Back in the day when I first joined WP I'd be on Freshly Pressed all the time commenting and trying to drag attention to my own site, like the desperate and lonely noob that I was. And THEN I found the forums and the search bar at the top of the home page...

    I still post on the FP every now and then, but only if I see something that interests me or if a blog I've subscribed to has managed to get on there, in which case I congratulate them, and then sit there, again like a desperate and lonely noob, waiting for traffic :D

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