Tricks to group pages category-wise?

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    Yes, I linked to that thread above as well.

    One of these should get closed, really.



    And I now see that the other thread has been closed.



    There’s yet another one, too.



    The other thread was closed since it became uncivil rather quickly. This one hasn’t become as bad, yet.



    @macmanx-Civil or not, I think we’ve pretty much run through all available options and opinions on this topic at this point. :)

    @judithescoda – The only thing I would add is that using the Custom Menu like I explained above, the list-pages shortcodes will not work. You can, however, make a Custom Menu widget using the same menu structure as the navigation bar.

    And now that’s all I have to say about that.


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    IMO, part of this problem is the the OP’s site is private and we volunteers cannot look at what she/he is actually trying to accomplish.

    Her/his explanations and question(s) have not be very clear and have been tainted with a combative attitude toward some people. That is not conducive to getting advice about a question.

    We all must note that the original poster is a blogger of only one week and c/w ould benefit with the Learn WordPress tutorial to become acquainted with this platform.

    Jen’s answer above:
    is the most practical and useful solution to the OP’s question.

    And the OP (judithescoda) should appreciate the information we volunteers provide in the manner we do it: we try our best and we do provide good, accurate, and friendly help. No one likes to be disrespected.


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    Here is a support article about making a custom menu, as Jen described:
    You can use custom menus for top navigation or put them into your sidebar:

    Menus can be confusing but here is an article which will help you to learn about the details:



    Hi guys ! thanks a lot for all your answers :)
    I think I probably do not explain myself good enough …
    I know it seems I insist and insist on getting something that you say it’s not possible, but so far I did manage to do a lot of things that in this forum people just said and over-said “not possible”.
    I’ve read all the official support website, there is nothing there I don’t know or understand (cross-fingers). It’s been made clear enough that pages cannot be categorized. I was looking for something different. You seem to say “you just simply can’t”. Well, I’ll keep on looking by myself. Maybe what I want is too clear on my mind for others to see :)
    My blog is private because I have been using it for testing purposes. You are right, it’s not cool from my side, but that’s because I’m not used at blogging, and I’m kind of shy about showing content that I don’t feel it’s ready to be read. Excuse-me for that.

    Just one last thing: someone says here (can’t remember who sorry) “the include_content parameter doesn’t work with the list-pages shortcode, and the display-posts shortcode can be used for posts only”. I’d like to say that YES, YOU CAN use display-posts for pages. In fact, pages are a kind of post type, so it suffices to use post_type=”page” in your shortcode and you will have your list of pages!! :)

    Anyway, let’s close this topic! I’ll carry on searching for solutions on my side. I can tell you if I ever find a workaround …

    Good luck to you all.



    Ah yes, I forgot the post_type parameter, I’ll grant you that.

    But then you say:

    I did manage to do a lot of things that in this forum people just said and over-said “not possible”.




    no more time wasted here, sorry


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    Yes, it is time to close this topic.
    happy blogging to all

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