tricky swap of URL addresses

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    Hi there,

    I have looked in the forums and Support site and I have found information that comes close but doesn’t completely cover what I need to know.

    What I need to do is this: change the URL of an existing blog to be the URL of a new blog I want to set up but to keep the old blog running with a new URL. Clear as mud?

    In my wordpress account, I currently have one blog called Dangerous Meredith’s Adventures in Jianghu which has the URL

    I want to keep this blog going but with a different URL (I was thinking of I want to set up another brand new blog called Dangerous Meredith and I want this brand new blog to have the URL

    These 2 bogs will be about different things but I want it to be obvious that they both belong to the one author. Is there any way I can swap these URLs over without losing my precious older blog and its subscribers?

    Thanks in advance


    The blog I need help with is

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