Tried to add my domain, then site went away, help!

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    So I have a 6 page site, but have chosen pages, instead of a blog home page. I was working on it fine setting it up and wanted to aim my domain name I already had. I did the research and changed the DNS setting to WordPress settings and that was fine. Then I went into the dashboard and went to settings, general and saw there where there was the current URL that my company set me up with. So, I changed it to my domain name on both spots and, the whole site disappeared, and I cant get back on to change anything. After all that, I just found out I can’t do the domain name and have to pay $12. but I can’t get on the site to do it, yikes!

    I also have other things I couldn’t do, like how do you connect your pictures you uploaded to the page. It ask for a URL. Well I would appreciate any help.
    Thank you



    Before we can try to help, we’d need both URL’s, the one and the domain name that you want to map to. Start both with http:// so that it is clickable.


    It takes anywhere from 24-72 hours for a domain DNS record change to propogate through all the internet nameservers although typically it is less than 24.

    Your old URL should still work fine, but it will take around 24 for the custom domain show up and be stable.

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