Tried to delete blog but it is still here (Please help)

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    Ok I deleted my wordpress blog. But when I go to the domain I purchased it is still there. I need to remove this ASAP, and I have no access to un-link it to this domain what do I do?



    I’m confused. I have a blog. I purchased a domain through and domain mapping from All hits on that blog are forwarded to my domain.

    Did you purchase domain mapping from
    Why did you delete the blog?
    What is the url for the deleted blog?
    What is the url for the domain?



    You still have your username and login, so use that and see what you can do. You may have to contact staff and ask them to do it, but first try that.


    I tried to log in, it will not let me edit anything else from that page because it no longer exists.

    I made a new blog and tried to map to that domain, but it is “Already mapped to another blog”



    I do see it. Try what I suggested and if that doesn’t work, contact staff.

    Remember you can’t re-use a blog URL again, though. You might just want to delete certain posts or set it to Private instead of the whole thing. Set it to Private in the meantime and that will hide it.


    I cant edit anything for the blog helpmehelpyou when I log in it is as if it never existed on wordpress.


    I guess I am also going to be screwed because support is closed untill monday lol



    Right, I forgot that. You can email them if it’s a real emergency (ie you’re being sued or something!) by emailing support at wordpress dot com, but even the techie support guys need some time off.


    Do you think I’ll get a response before monday =)



    If it’s a legitimate emergency, yes. If it’s not, who can tell?

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