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Tried to move my domain to - Cannot reach my site

  1. Hi folks

    I just bought some space at, intending to move my content over there and use instead of .com so I could use ads.

    I realized that I could use's servers but not transfer my domain because it is locked for 60 days (I just bought it 8 days ago).

    So I changed the nameservers back to last noon and since I have not been able to enter wordpress dashboard for the site, or the site itself, but then I finaly reached the dashboard 10 minutes ago and I can see in the stats that 14 people have visited the site today.

    How is that possible, when I can't? Can you reach the site:, and how do I solve this?

    I can't wait 2 days for support here at wordpress and support over at are not willing to help when it's not at their site.

    Hope someone has a solution

    Best regards

    Kasper Jakobsen

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I just tried to reach the website via and that way I can enter the site... What could be wrong?

  3. It can take up to three days for the DNS to settle down.

  4. Well that is some shitty crap! :(

    Hope my site is available to rest of the world except for Denmark.

    Can you reach the site and where in the world are you?

  5. You can watch the name servers change here: puts me on your WordPress.COM site. West coast of North America.

  6. So you are able to look at my blog? - and see the last post about maintenance and downtime?

  7. Maintenance problems might cause problems

    Right now the server issues, I described earlier, are being solved and that might cause some downtime on the server and that the website is very unstable when it is online.

    Is at the top of the page.

  8. Great! :) then it's online somewhere in the world... so maybe I'm connected to the german where it isn't up :(

  9. You can have local cache issues with your own ISP and sometime on your own computer cache -

  10. It works now, after the Russian DNS is online again... I might be connected through that one :)

    Thanks for the help :)

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