Tried to update Settings URL to Go Daddy URL -lost access to WP site?

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    I tried to put the Go Daddy site into WP( and ended up buying a new WP site – which I want to cancel but there is no way to reach anyone in support! My original site has content I want to redirect to I updated the site setting in and now I cannot get into that site – because it keeps redirecting the admin to a site that was incorrectly set up – so I got bumpka! How do I get WP to respond for help on this? I can’t fix it myself or by buying an extra site – which I’ve already done. HELP!

    The blog I need help with is



    It looks like the registration for failed – who did you try and register it with?

    This has already been flagged for staff help.



    Neither of those domains are under your account.

    Your blog is and it seems to be fine.

    If you’re referring to self-hosted blogs, we really can’t help with that, and you’ll need to contact for support.



    Soooo sorry for typing so fast as I was leaving for my birthday dinner.

    The original site is I left out the ‘e’ after stat.

    It is definitely there – but it is all messed up now and I cannot use the wp-admin to login because it redirects me to – which it cannot find.

    Back online – still need help if you are around. Thanks.

    #878418 wasn’t registered here at It is registered at DreamHost. The nameservers for are still pointing at DreamHost. Look here:

    You have to point those at the wordpress.COM as explained in this support page on mapping an existing domain name.


    You know, actually forget my last paragraph above.

    You are dealing with Godaddy and DreamHost. Those would be self-hosted wordpress installations. You need to work with GoDaddy, DreamHost and possibly http://wordpress.ORG/support/ .



    Thanks so much – I found a helpful post on my very issue – at

    Will have to read the 12 pages tomorrow and work it through to get my redirected URL back from the dead.

    Thanks again.


    You are welcome and glad you are on the trail to a solution. Best of luck.

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