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    But this site is not on


    It is on Worpress. Tks


    Hey all / jonburke…

    is it possible to only display adds on the post pages? We have a very clean and minimal blog layout which is key to the overall theme and at the moment there are sometimes already ads displaying on some of our individual posts (not part of wordads) and we would be happy to show these adds on all our posts, as long as the main front page would stay clean…

    ..we understand the default layout is one ad underneath the top post on both front/home page and ‘individual’ post page..

    thanks in advance.


    @ Jon

    ..wordads just went live on our blog and ads seem to be in the place we wanted them to…so above question is answered :)

    many thanks



    Thanks. hovercraftdoggy. Neat site! Some themes don’t show ads on the home page and it appears that yours is one of them, so great to see that you got what you wanted, if by happenstance.


    I’m a tad bit confused about this whole thread. For what I have seen, triple ads look good, but what is the benefit to having them. Is there a FAQ answer to this somewhere, or can someone help me out in this post?

    Thank you, and best of luck everyone :)



    Yes we have a FAQ at


    Hi Jon, I was just accepted to WordAds as well and don’t know whether I am eligible (or my theme is eligible) for the triple ad display. Is there any way that my site could have it? The site in question is




    Can I get approved for optimized ads before switching my theme? I currently use Grisaille and it’s not part of the optimized ads compatible themes. But before switching I’d like to know if it’s worth it.

    Will all themes be compatible with the Triple Ads? Or are there plans to have more themes made compatible with WordAds? Can I modify compatibiliy by customizing my CSS code?

    Here is my blog :




    I already know where to find a list of compatible themes. I want to know if this list will be modified eventually and if my theme will be compatible with Triple Ads if it isnt’ for Optimised Ads. I also want to know if compatibility can be customized.



    Oops! I’m sorry but I did not know you had that link. it’s Sunday and the likelihood that Staff will answer you today is IMO very low. Please be patient while waiting.


    No worries I don’t stress over my blog, I do that enough for my studies! Thanks anyway!



    thegeekanthropologist – we are going to be adding a toggle in your settings so you can change between the two ads layouts. Some themes just weren’t built for ads and have no hooks so its just the list of themes that will work for Optimized Ads.


    I’ve read the FAQs before, and I didn’t make sense until now. I guess I had to read through this post to gain a better understanding.

    It sounds like I don’t need to ask for approval because switching to optimized ads will become an option in the settings in the near future. Is this correct?



    Hello, I have a small blog which sometimes a certain post will go pretty “viral” and I want to have more than just one ad up to be able to monetize more from it.



    Hi Jon,
    Can you add me to the list for triple ads? I’m using twenty ten alyout by the way and i’m planning to switch to twenty eleven sometime soon


    @thefutureismichael- You’re correct, that question of yours had been asked a lot of times already. I bet the WordAds Lead Jon Burke will answer you the same statement all over again, “We are working on it and we will just update you once it’s already open for all bloggers.” This means we should wait for an update, you do not have to worry because I’m pretty sure we’ll be easily updated regarding WordAds Triple Ads Layout.


    I just saw my earning for Sept, i’ve not thought of living on my WordAds income, coz my website MyDestiny2011 traffic is not regular and still very little but looking at my traffic for September alone -255,817 and a record of 147, 670 on one day is quite something, but when I saw my revenue for Sept is only $25.58, it’s quite dishearting, i have been told that for Malaysia payment is lower than $1 for every click but the recent statement shows that WordAds paid like 0.10 cents per every 1000 clicks?

    This was my previous revenue

    May 2558 $1.11
    June 2714 $0.71
    July 5940 $2.10
    August 2717 $0.96

    WordAds please justified this.



    mydestiny2011 We always feel badly when a partner like you is disheartened about earnings. Our job is to maximize your earnings. In Malaysia we run Google Adsense which is the largest global ad network and we believe it yields the highest payments there. We have tried other networks there but they paid less and we had trouble collecting payments. If there was another option there that would pay more believe me we would run it but at this point we don’t know of a superior option.

    I don’t know where you heard that advertisers will pay $1 for every Malaysian click but that is not what Google Adsense tends to pay.

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