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    Thank you for the reply, sorry, there was an error there, what I was trying to say was $1 for every 1000 views as stated in WordAds. Rgds.



    Hi jonburke. Can you put me on the list to convert to triple ads too?



    mydestiny2011 – The only place we have addressed this is in the FAQ on “If the significant majority of your page views are from North America, you might take the page views found in your stats and multiply $1 for every thousand pages. This is very rough but will help you to understand if you might earn $1, $100 or $500. If most of your page views are from other regions the payout might be much less.” Again we stress that this is very rough, every site is different so we have no way to predict earnings until someone is actually running WordAds. We thought it would be helpful to people to give them a very rough idea but it seems to be causing confusion so we will delete it.




    Hi Jon, can you put me on the lost of people applying for Triple Ads? Thanks!



    *list, I mean :)



    bryologue Yes we are going to be making that an option in your settings.



    Hi john! I would be interested in the triple ads option as well, Could you add me to the list? I’m using chateau theme



    Hi Jon,
    With great regret I want to go back to the old layout of the ad on my blog, even though it would reduce my income from Wordads.
    I’ve sent an email explaining why I asked it.
    Temporarily, I remove the ads from my blog until you agree to restore the old layout.
    I am waiting for your reply as soon as possible.
    Thank you.


    Hi Jon, I’ve switched my best blog to Twenty-Eleven, which looks great with custom typefaces. Also, I’ve upgraded to a state-of-the art digital camera for better photos. (Too late to upgrade the old photographer!)

    Please add my blog to the list for consideration for Triple Ads? Thanks!


    After play around with themes, I have settled on a WordAd optimal theme that I like.

    Can I be considered for Triple Ads please?



    For WordAds supported themes see here.


    Hi Jon…when we activated our wordads a couple of months ago, we had quickly talked to you in this post about wordads only displaying on the post pages and not on the main home page….and it turned out that that happened to be the case for our theme which was good.

    However as of today an ad is now also appearing below the first post on the front page and we were wondering why that is and if we could change that back?

    many thanks



    Hello John, like others, I would like to be considered to the TripleAd program if is possible…

    My blog is

    Many Thanks


    Jon… nevermind on our query above. Whether or not the ad also appears on the front page seems to depend on how we configure the post, so for now we are fine ;) .. though the ads are still not working generally :(



    Jon, I’m not sure if I’m already on the list. I’d like to be placed on the list for the Triple Ads program. Thank you!


    Hi John,
    Please add me ( the list of people interested in the Triple Ad Unit and the 2nd option that doesn’t require advertiser approval.

    Thanks and regards.

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