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    I’m asking this for another blogger I converted to WordPress. Is it possible to import a blog that exists on Tripod? I couldn’t find anything in the forums on this yet, and I didn’t see the Tripod blog format supported in WordPress’ import feature.



    Tripod has blogs? I thought they were static pages.


    They have both – static pages and blogs.



    Are they running something specific or is it their own blogging software?

    Got a link to the blog in question so we can see what they’re running?




    I don’t recognize it. :(

    Well if you can change the quanity of posts within your RSS feed, here’s what you do:

    – Change the RSS feed to a number at least equal to the number of posts within the blog. Save your Feed to your desktop at home.

    – Hop over to and create an account over there.

    – When logged in go Dashboard -> Manage -> Import -> RSS. It will give you a form to upload the RSS file into the blog over there.

    – Double check your posts to make sure everything looks fine.

    – Go Dashboard -> Manage -> Export and run the exporter. After a second or two, it will give you a downloadable file which you can upload here at

    – Let me know when I can go in and delete your temp blog. :) doesn’t have an RSS importer but the WPMU software does.

    If you can’t adjust the number of posts within your RSS feed, you’re probably going to be stuck with cutting and pasting.

    Hope this helps,


    Ack. See that’s the problem. Idiot Tripod doesn’t have RSS feeds for blogs. WHO DOESN’T HAVE RSS FEEDS?

    We discussed the cutting and pasting, so that appears to be the answer. Thanks, Dr. Mike. And Happy Birthday!



    I see an RSS feed for the example that TT gave.


    Yes, I saw that as well. For some reason, she doesn’t have one. Perhaps it’s because TT’s link was for Tripod help.

    The blog in question is

    I’ve tried variations of rss.xml at the end of the url to no avail.



    Kind of moot anyway. Someone’s going to have to move those pictures over since Tripod doesn’t allow hotlinking of photos.

    I think you’re stuck with coping and pasting as well as relinking the photos.

    I do see a RSS feed for the blog but when I bring it up here, it’s just kicking out the header information and no posts. You may want to double check the settings. I don’t have a Tripod site of my own but there may be an option to display a number of posts and it may be set to zero.

    Good luck,


    Thanks so much. She’s copying and pasting like crazy! We noticed the hotlinked Tripod images right away. Bummer.

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