Triton Lite post format options not showing – help!

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    I switched to Triton Lite for my newest blog, and I really love it! But today I notice that the post format thingy in the dashboard, which allows us to choose “standard” or “image” or “video” etc., has disappeared, and I don’t know how to get it back! I’ve been having a spot of trouble with parts of the dashboard sidebar disappearing and re-appearing lately anyway… I want my content to be consistent, now that my latest venture is off to such a good start. I feel that all the images should have the “image” option applied. I looked in Quick Editing and can’t find any other means to make the adjustment there either…. What is up with that??



    The blog I need help with is


    Ohh, sorry! The “helping” link above should read,



    Triton Lite (like many other themes) doesn’t support alternative post formats.


    Yes, I did figure that one out *blush*…and yet still, I am noticing that on certain posts (on my listing) the “image” icon shows up, while on many, it does not. Can’t see any difference in the appearance of a post when I check one with the “image” icon against one that doesnt’ have it. Why would that icon show up at random that way…?

    A bigger issue has developed–my homepage gallery is showing the WRONG image for one of my posts. “Seriously pretty flower” shows the preview thumbnail for “Organic pattern” even though the links go correctly to the right posts. On the above row of 3 previews, you can see that none of those previews are showing at all. That’s been occurring a few times before, I didn’t let it bother me since I didn’t know how to fix it. But today, more weird things are starting to happen…

    Please advise…I love this theme, it’s perfect for me, and I wouldn’t want to have to choose another…unless someday someone creates a theme that can beat it…! ‘:)



    1. your standard/image/video issue: the Triton theme post editor has buttons to add media, a poll, and a contact form; I’m seeing images in all your posts; what were you wanting to do with the post editor?
    2. your homepage gallery issue: can you say more about this? I’m not seeing anything that looks wrong there…


    My first prob turned out not to be an issue after all, since Triton does not have a Gallery post format. However, it does seem odd that when I show “All posts” I sometimes do see a Gallery icon next to a post title. If I could attach a screenshot here, I could easily show you what happens…it just seems odd.

    But that isn’t my main concern. On my home page, the first “row” of 3 preview links have no accompanying images such as you see as you scroll farther down. That does sometimes happen with this theme. But I can live with that. What bothers me most is, well–do you see the link entitled “Seriously Pretty Flower” (between Laser Flower and Tropical Flower) and how it shows that rock-like pattern above it? That is the wrong preview. Click on the “flower” link and what do you find on the actual post?– not a rock pattern but a large flower image! That same flower design ought to be displayed in a smaller preview on my homepage. The “organic pattern” link and the “flower” link have somehow gotten themselves mixed…

    This is the only homepage gallery link that is acting strangely…aside from those preview links that have no images; but as I say, I can live with that. What concerns me the most is that the ‘wrong preview images’ problem might turn up again later on.

    And yes, i did clear my temp files and history, but it didn’t change anything…


    My apologies, in the first paragraph in the above post I didn’t mean Gallery icon, I meant Image icon, as stated in my earlier message…


    I only meant, yes I need to get that one issue on my homepage gallery corrected, and I was a bit concerned that the same prob might crop up again at a later time… Let’s hope that won’t happen though!

    I notice that when I switch themes just for testing, the same exact problem occurred in Autofocus…but in Hatch the flower image I mentioned is showing correctly… I wonder if the trouble is something in the post rather than the Triton theme…?


    The same prob also shows up when I test MixFolio theme… stranger and stranger…


    Well guess what! The trouble WAS in my posts, several of them, for some unknown reason my Permalinks were messed up. Since it seems there is no way to change Permalinks here at dot Com, all I could do was remove half a dozen posts and then put them back together again…



    Has the issue been resolved now?

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!


    Yes, we’re getting there…just fixing the permalinks has solved 2 or 3 issues I’ve been having… the site is looking much better and will soon be completely mended. It’s been a learning experience… I will just have to keep a close eye on things from now on!

    Thanks for your patience and I will mark this thread as Resolved ;)

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