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    I am having trouble activating the slider in Triton Lite. I have read a lot about people having problems with this and I have spent hours trying to figure this out. I made the pictures in the post featured and sticky, but there is no slider at the home page. I even eliminated the header too.

    Also, is there a way for the thumbnail for a vimeo video to appear at the home page instead of just text? Thanks so much!

    The blog I need help with is


    The only requirements for a post to show up in the featured slider are that you have an image uploaded (attached) to your post that is at least 950 pixels in width and 270 pixels in height and the post is marked Sticky and set as a featured image. That’s it.

    The theme has a dynamic featured post area (shown just below the site title on the home page) which is a snap to use: just add big featured images—at least 950 pixels in width and 270 pixels in height—to your Sticky Posts and you are good to go.



    Thanks for the quick reply. Those links were helpful, but I already have the following requirements.
    “Featured Post Slider: 950 pixels wide by 270 pixels tall; posts must be Sticky and have a featured thumbnail assigned to them in order to show up here.”
    I appreciate your help, but is there a number I can call?



    I have this tme up on my test blog and it’s working fine for me. There is no support by phone. I’ll flag this thread for Staff attention.



    Turns out I had my front page set on static. I apologize for the confusion.

    But is there any way I can make the thumbnail image of the vimeo video appear on the home page? Right now it only says “video test”. Thank you for your patience.



    I have triton lite theme on my site. The sticky post slider was working fine untill recently i found that the the new posts that i make sticky just get bumped as the first post on my home page and are not getting displayed in the slider. Please help.



    Hey irfarious, how did you adjust the height of your header, mine always comes up the same no matter how big my image is….


    I have a question about this slider actually – anyway to actually make it slide (refresh with the next numbered content)? At the moment it’s just sitting there with numbers along the bottom and you have to click on the numbers to view what’s the next content.

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