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triton theme -does solid custom background bleed through photos?

  1. I only previewed. I don't want to waste time activating Triton theme for an answer. But mine did seems show a shadow bleed of my background custom colour through all my blog post photos?

    Is that normal?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I did previewed, and also apply to my secondary blog that just for me to test out the theme, it really good for photography showcase!

    So far I not seen any problem of shadow bleed, but in the front page, it will make the feature photos look less contrast until you move your mouse on to it, which is pretty cool feature.

    My only complaint is that it just support max resolution of 960 on single post page, which I prefer they do allow 1025, at least... hopefully they may make this change..

  3. So no problem of any foggy colour shadow over all the photos on "home page"?

  4. The foggy colour only on the posts' feature image on front page, and mouse over it will make it clear... This is what I seen.. not sure am I get your problem..

  5. philiparthurmoore

    Just a clarification that the background does NOT bleed through the photos. The photos are dim and when you hover over them their opacity is enlarged and they come into focus. :)

  6. I struggle to understand how would be the reader know about this? Unless instructed on screen.

  7. Personally I feel this feature is cool. Anyway, it still depend on person.
    I rather team make the 960 max width to 1050 or more pixels for the post page.

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