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trojan virus -

  1. I couldn't change to the blog where I have a virus. It is
    It is normally a hack with the themes header file, but my header file looks good. My host site is working on it.
    The hack redirects people to a site for ads - and
    If I go to admin, I can see the list of my blogs, and select one. That bypasses the virus.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. you either have a redirecter installed ( malware ) or have been hi-jacked i don't know if you can get virus help here i will come back later and if not i will send you to a pc help site i'm a member of

  3. @innerkey is not a blog.

    @mstarnes is not a blog.

    @ ALL: This site has nothing at all to do with any blog!

    This discussion would be better carried on over at

  4. To WordPress.COM bloggers:

    This virus being discussed here is not affecting blogs at wp.COM!

  5. Perhaps the time has come for Staff to insert Questions "pertaining to blogging" in the description for this Questions Forum. We are getting all kinds of off beat posts in this forum and what's being posted can be misleading.

  6. @1tess is right. is secure. :) users don't have to worry about upgrading because we always use the latest version, but... users should make sure to upgrade!

    Here are the differences between and for those who haven't seen it already.

  7. At present this is what users see on the front page of the forum in the sidebar:

    The best place to ask a question

    I would like to see Staff create more clarity by changing that to read:

    The best place to ask a question related to blogging

  8. So sorry for posting this in the wrong place.

    FYI: My host site was able to find the hacked code, and removed it.

  9. That's good.

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