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trouble adding categories

  1. anyone else having trouble adding categories? just today this problem occoured.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello! I've just added a Test category (from dashboard,not from post) and everything seems to be alright :-z

  3. ok it works now. thanks!

  4. wait actually it started again, whenever i try to add a category in a post (by one at a time) it just says "uncategorized" when i try to add it in the article! what's going on? i also noticed in the past i cannot add multiple keywords in the categories section


    "dolphins, ocean, rhino"

    and all 3 would simultaneously add into categories... for some reason that stopped working for me, and now i cannot add categories one by one anymore? what gives??!?

  5. There are problems Staff are working on but I don't know if they include this one or not. You need to contact Staff directly with your details

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