Trouble adding users to my blog

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    I am trying to add editors to the blog I am administering for a small non-profit. Last week I was successful in adding an editor. Today I tried to add two editors and failed with both.

    The first person already has a WordPress account. The invitation took him to a sign in page, which would not accept his password. He was able to log in from the main screen with the same password. Resetting the password didn’t help. He tried to log in using his user name, and when that didn’t work he tried signing in using his email.

    The other person didn’t have an account, but the invitation took him to the same sign in screen as the other user. As the first user had no luck accepting the invitation, and couldn’t find a way to accept it once he had logged in, I advised him just to quit until I can resolve this problem.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    The blog I need help with is



    I no longer see the Add User option.

    I used to be able to Add Users that already had WordPress accounts, but I no longer see the option in the Users tab.

    How can I Add User without sending an invite as they are already have a WordPress account?



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