Trouble adding users/viewers to a private blog

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    I am testing the “add a viewer” function before sending out an invitation to all the intended users. So, when I invited myself through another email account I have I had to sign up for a blog. After completing that process I couldn’t seem to get to the Tuesday School blog but was limited to the new blog account. I want this process to be as simple as possible since the blog will support a number of families within the school. Once I invite the family and they set up a WordPress account how do they get to the Tuesday school blog?

    Also I will be adding teacher contributors as well. Will the process be exactly the same?

    I need HELP!

    Please and Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    Actually, we made several improvements to the process recently. You should now be able to directly invite folks to your blog via the Users section of your blog’s Dashboard.



    Hi. I have exactly the same problem as tuesdayschool’s. Is there a way of sharing the blog without asking friends and family to set up an account on WordPress?



    Ok, just read on another post that this is not possible. Thanks for reading anyway.


    Sorry for the delay getting to your question. For Tuesday School I created a general access account for all our members to use so that all our families can see the website/blog and can post. I required that all posts must be signed with the writers name and that they must be approved by the administrator before they would show up. In this way people can access the blog and contribute without having to set up their own separate account and sign up for a blog. Since I am responsible for all content and use of our blog I retained the right of approval before comments can post but so far it hasn’t been too complicated. Maybe the idea will work for you. I hope it helps.



    Tried extremely hard to search for this answer but no such luck, hopefully someone can assist when possible. I have (email redacted) (public) and recently created an additional blog (email redacted) (private) – I want my 4 daughters to be contributors in the private blog – How do I set them all up with wordpress as NEW USERS if their email address is the same as mine? confused ? Cheers SorrentoMoon



    You can’t. They will need their own emails.



    Bummer huh!….many thanks for the feedback. Cheers SorrentoMoon

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