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trouble as logged-on user

  1. When I log into my account on WordPress, I can easily access all my admin options from my dashboard, however as soon as I go to my blog, I appear to be logged out -- even though I am not (for example, when I come to this forum, I'm already logged in, and if I go directly to my admin page by typing in the address, I don't have to log in again).

    The black admin bar does not appear at the top of my blog, nor do I see the "edit" option after each individual post or page. I also don't appear to be logged in when I visit another WP blog -- though I haven't attempted to post a comment to see whether I'm recognised as a logged-in user.

    I'm wondering if this is a Firefox issue. I have ad-blocker disabled for my blog and for all sites, since that had been causing me problems earlier in the week, but other than a Greasemonkey script, which I tried turning off to see if it made any difference, and it didn't, I don't have any extensions that could be affecting this -- and the exact same ones that I've always run (NoRedirect, colorzilla, tab mix plus, and a couple others).

    Has anyone else encountered this problem? It's irksome since if I want to edit a page, it takes longer to find the page in the "All Pages" area of my dashboard/admin pages than it does to simply click "edit" while I'm on the page (or post). I also miss the navigation options that normally drop down from the black bar.

    I also do see a black admin bar at the top of the support & forums pages, such as this one, but once I use it to go back to my blog (using the dropdown from my username on the right), the bar vanishes again. I'm perplexed!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

    I haven't encountered any of those issues. I'm using Firefox 18.0.2 and I tagged this thread for Staff. Please subscribe to it so you are notified when they respond.

  3. Yep, I'm subscribed.

    I'm using Firefox 19.something -- didn't it seem like just yesterday that we were in Firefox 4? -- I am considering uninstalling & reinstalling the browser, or jumping back to 18. I've had problems -- all with WordPress, as far as I know -- since updating, and I am wondering if it's just that Firefox is having problems with WP. It's strange & annoying. I even tried restarting the browser with no extensions enabled and it didn't help.

  4. Oh, and I just checked, and weirder still, I see the admin bar in my test blogs, but not on my "real" blog.

  5. NERTS! I have been typing Firefox 18.0.2 when I'm actually running Firefox 19 :(

  6. "Nerts" is my favorite word for the day!

    Okay, I've narrowed down the problem.

    My black admin bar disappears only on blogs that have their own domain name -- I double-checked on your blog, which I'd visited earlier today, and confirmed the bar is missing for me, but when I went to a blog that is a site, the black bar is there -- which is why I could see it on my test blogs.

  7. I've checked a bunch of blogs from "Freshly Pressed," and every blog with its own domain name is missing the admin bar for me, and I appear logged out; every blog that has "" in its name shows the admin bar.

    Any thoughts, mods or anyone else, why this is happening?

  8. Do you have third-party cookies enabled?

  9. Yeah, I finally figured out that was the problem. (I turned them off after turning off my Adblock software.) I probably should have noted that in this post. I was having a "dumb" day, I'm afraid! It seemed really obvious when I woke up at about 6 a.m. with "3rd party cookies" in my brain. lol!

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