Trouble automatically posting to Facebook

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    I have had one successful automatic post to Facebook but have had trouble since then. Under sharing it is set to Facebook and says connected but gives a “Set Options” link. When I choose that it is blank – no words or choices just a blank one line thin box that I can X out. I can “like” my own article to Facebook but was desiring the automatic upload. On the post or page I have indicated that I want to link to Facebook and it says I have successfully done that. Any thoughts? I’ll try now to disconnect then reconnect to Facebook as a sharing option.

    The blog I need help with is


    @2012svr, it sounds like you’re having a problem very similar to what I was experiencing. On another thread, I saw this suggested:

    I tried it, and it works great for me! It’s like, “set it and forget it.” Even gives a nifty looking thumbnail on your FB (but then my sites are mainly photos and artwork).



    @wildwanderingirl: Thanks for reminding us of RSS Graffiti. It is a suitable workaround.

    But those who wish to stick with the publicize feature (and that’s quite alright too), they are invited to try reconnecting (and following this to the letter):

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