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    For a couple of weeks I haven’t been able to comment on my own posts when logged in. I write the comment, click enter, nothing appears. Try again and i am greeted by the ‘someone’s already said that’ error. But no comment, on the page or in the comments section of the dashboard. I can however comment on other and blogs. I have e-mailed WordPress about this issue, only to receive a generic ‘we are looking into it’ reply. That was 2 weeks ago, and they haven’t replied to my last e-mail. wtf, wordpress? Any body else suffering from this? Any body have an idea to solve it? Thx



    Have you looked into the Akismet queue for your comment? It could be a number of issues ranging from your ISP, the number of links within your comments if any, and the keywords within your comment.


    Tu chez – Akismet has been catching it. But why? I haven’t changed the definitions in months. I have noticed that my IP has changed. I know it’s off topic, but do you know why that might of happened and how i can fix it? It’s changed from 89 to 172. Thanks


    Oh btw it’s still being caught, even tho i keep de-marking it as spam.



    For reference, the poster is stated that their IP address is 172.*.*.*

    Can you point at a specifc comment that was marked as spam so we can see it please? Akismet may have an issue with your ISP. They do have a history of causing trouble in the past although they have cleared up their act within the last few years.

    You may want to send in a feedback and request that staff take a look into this if the problem continues. Do point at a specific comment as well if you do.

    This is an example of a comment caught as spam. Also comments such as ‘test’ and ‘this is a test’ have been caught. Send feedback to… Or Akismet?



    Feedback to would be the best bet in this case. They’re the same people but it would probably easier to see teh details if you went through teh feedback link at teh upper right of any page on your backend.

    Hope this helps,


    UPDATE – I have now noticed i am being blocked on other wordpress blogs, not only my own. I have e-mailed both Akismet and twice and had no replies. It’s so frustrating because without being able to discuss my own content, or interact with other peoples blogs, theres no point me blogging coz i can’t interact with people about what i have to say. If wordpress don’t sort it soon (it’s coming up 3weeks not being able to comment) i’ll have no choice but to switch. Oh and btw the IP change was because i had come home from university, so i have a different isp on a different network.



    Don’t email. Feedback. There is a difference.

    Also did you give them details and point to comments that were tagged as spam?

    All I’m seeing here is your ISP and it’s known for being spammy. What university were you coming in from?


    My home ISP is AOL, Univeristy ISP is Virgin Media. The comments problem is happening on both ISPs.

    Where do i access feedback? I have been using Contact Support. I have had a response from since my last reply. Mark has asked me to comment on a blog page and send him a screenshot of what i have imputed. I am waiting on his reply.

    Thanks for your help so far.



    Where do i access feedback?

    The feedback button is on the top right hand corner of any blog page. Simply click it and a message pane will open for you to use.

    Edit: For reference

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