Trouble importing a table from MS Word

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    Hi all –
    This is still new to me, and I am trying to use the blog to put together a portfolio. I’ve created all the static pages I need and am now trying to copy and paste from Word into WordPress. On my annotated glossary page, I created a table in Word that has the glossary and shows all the borders. When I copy and paste the table from Word to WordPress, the table format seems to be there, but I’d really like the table borders to show. There are also a couple odd formatting issues, that I seem to have fixed, for example one definition has numbers 1-5 in it, and when I pasted it they were all changed to 1. Odd?
    This is the page:

    Any help would be much appreciated!
    Thank you,

    The blog I need help with is


    MS Word does not speak “web” so the tables it creates will not work on the web.

    You will have to create the table using HTML and the easiest way to do that is to use one of the online table generators. After you put in all of your parameters, you will generate the HTML code, then copy that code out and paste it into the HTML tab in the wordpress editor. You can then switch back to the visual tab and place the stuff you want into the cells of the table.

    Here is a link to one that I’ve used before: and there are others as well. Search for “online html table generators”.

    Also, if you are using Windows, you can download and use the Windows Live Writer blog client which is free and works very much like MS Word, but it creates good HTML and works well with wordpress. It also will directly upload your posts to wordpress so there is no copying and pasting. I don’t know if it does pages or not, but you could alway create the tables and such in WLW, and then copy the HTML and paste it into the HTML tab in the pages editor here.



    Thanks so much!!!


    You’re welcome.




    I’ve created tables in Word that I’ve been able to copy and paste to my wordpress blog without a problem (you can see here: )

    … but, that were months ago. Now I’ve found that I can’t copy a Word table and paste it to the visual section without losing its format (this is an exemple: )

    Why and what has changed?

    Than kyou in advance!



    Oh, what a pitty.

    Thank you Panaghiotiisadam.

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