Trouble Importing Backup

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    I am moving an old blog to my new site. My backup is from a previous version of WordPress, ending in sql.gz

    When I go to import the backup, it’s only offering me the option to restore from backup files ending in WXR.

    What do I need to do to import my blog?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry to hear you’re running into trouble with your import. In order to import your WordPress site into, you will need to use a .xml file. You can generate that by going to your existing site, and creating an export under Tools > Export.


    This is an old blog, and is no longer existing, so the only thing I have is the sql.gz file. How can I convert it to the right file type so that I can use my site?


    You need an XML file to be able to import into a blog. I typed “convert sql.gz file to an XML file” into Google and got these WordPress.ORG results.

    the solution is to import the sql.gz into the database


    Since I am importing it into a WordPress.COM site, I can’t access a phpAdmin or anything like that, it’s just the WordPress.COM site.


    I understand that. As you no longer have a self hosted site and as there is no blogger database access to free hosted blogs you need help from Staff and jackiedana will provide it when she can. I wanted you to comprehend why you cannot import that sql.gz file file directly into a blog.


    Thanks thistimethisspace – how do I contact the staff?


    jackiedana will return to this thread when she logs in. There’s nothing that can be done to expedite that. It’s the weekend so please be patient while waiting.



    @debbiehardegree, we don’t have a way to do an automatic import from a sql.gz file. Your best bet is to try to create your own .xml/wxr file for import. If not, we can attempt an import from your file, but your media will not be imported and there could be other issues with the file.

    If your site was designed by a third-party, you might check with them, and you might check with your hosting provider to see if there are still any files there.


    Unfortunately my old host has been completely unresponsive, and the site was just the default theme that came with WordPress. There really weren’t many photos, it was almost completely all text – is that something y’all can work with? I don’t know how to create a xml/wxr file. (Sorry, very much not technically inclined!)



    As a developer warned me, this kind of import doesn’t work particularly well, but we are happy to give it a try.

    If you can either upload the file to a file sharing service like Dropbox and then let me know, or send me a link via email (include my name in the subject line and a link to this thread in the message so I can find it), we can go from there.

    Would you want this imported to your blog or a different one?


    Let’s give it a try (and thank you so much for helping)!

    I’ll email you a link to a Dropbox file momentarily. I’ve redirected so that it’s the primary URL for, so that’s where I was thinking it would go (it’s the only blog set up in my account). Thank you!!!



    Thanks for the file. I’ll let you know how it goes.



    I have been able to import your file into your blog. I hope everything is there. Please let me know how it looks.


    THANK YOU!!! It looks like everything transferred, we were so worried we had lost this. I really appreciate your help with this!



    That’s awesome! I wasn’t sure how much we were able to capture. It’s great that it worked!

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