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    Hi, I really hope you guys can help us get out of a minor mess we have got into.
    Our blog ‘the fastest growing blog on WP’ is trying to move to our own server ->

    We did the export – import tool but our comments have disappeared :-(

    Are we doing something wrong? Is there a bug in our install WP? Kindly help.



    Trying to move to your own server? So you’re hosting your own site yourself? You should go to this forum at because we don’t host our own sites here at



    The comments don’t export. Neither do the links. I noticed it myself and reported it. Haven’t heard anything back though. They are suppose to though.


    I am having this problem right now. I imported a bunch of posts from Typepad, no problem except ONE post will not import the comments – they are there (when i click on comments) but are uncategorized but I cannot see a way to edit the category – also, all the others did this automatically so I am unsure why this one did not.



    Ok, you’ve lost me. Are you saying the comments are imported but not assigned to Posts or?

    Maybe if you were to point to the Post in question so we can see what is occuring, it might help.


    Ok, sorry about that. Here is the post I am talking about:

    *I apologize if the above does not come across as a link, I was not sure how to do that in this post*

    Yes, the comments are imported but are not assigned to this particular post.



    So where are they winding up?



    I am having the same problem trying to import comments. I did the Import/Export tool. It stores the XML document on my Harddrive. I go to do the import on my hosted WP blog (yes I left a message at as well, with no reply) and it imports all the posts but tells me I have no comments. I can do the import on another blog and the comments do appear. Please Someone help!




    If you’re importing with the plugin that techsailor wrote, I don’t know if he is updating it. You have to ask him if he will support comment importing.

    I thought he had though.

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