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trouble in inentifying the ip address

  1. hi
    for past few days i got few anonymous comments in my blog.. also the ip addresss is not understandable..
    wordpress shows the ip address as 72.232.1

    can u plz help me to figure it out..

  2. Weirdness. That is two separate IPs: and the one starting with 72.

  3. raincoaster 72.232.1 would have to be and to be valid IPs. Odd. My guess would be they are spoofing, but I do not know how to spoof invalid IP addresses.

  4. A few times I've seen very loooooong IP numbers for some reason.

  5. I have some regular commenters - who I wonder about their validity/fakeness - who always have a string of IP numbers as an address. I tried not to think too much about it; although it is these sketchy folks who have this sort of IP. What is spoofing, anyhow?

  6. There may be something up because I've been seeing weird IP addresses here in the forums as well. For example, just in this thread, one of the posters has the Ip address *.*.95.16

    What's stranger is that the 216 IP is an eBay box while the other one is from somewhere in mother Russia.

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