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Trouble loading any WordPress.COM anything

  1. I can't load properly anything from WordPress.COM - I don't see a ton of other people with the same problem so might be on my site

    seems like no CSS - no top nav bar badly formatted everything - I have cleared cache's and cookies - both the browser and files on the hard drive - restarted everything - sent a query to my ISP but not heard back yet

    Any trouble shooting suggestions or other things to check for?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hey there,
    Your site loads fine for me.

  3. Thanks for checking -

    My ISP just owned up to a "BGP Problem" what ever that is and things seem to be back to normal now

  4. That's great news. I've never heard of a BGP problem. I found this though

  5. This is the reply I just received from my ISP

    Hi Mike,

    It's a special protocol that allows you to connect to more than one
    Internet connection at a time. It's supposed to dynamically switch on and off if anything goes wrong with one or more connection. We have three connections to the 'net so if any two go down we're still online.

    What happened is one of our connections made a BGP error and it messed us up for a sizable portion of the Internet. Once I shutdown our connection to them things were fixed. I should have tried it earlier, would have saved me pulling so much hair out of my head. Thanks, Dan

  6. Interesting.

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