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Trouble locking header button above banner

  1. Hello,

    I am currently working on a website using the theme Suffusion Version 4.4.6.

    I am having trouble keeping a header button I inserted in place. If you re size the window it will crawl on top of the banner image.

    View the site HERE.

    Here is the CSS.

    #header_icons { </p> <p>float:right;<br /> padding-top:5px;<br /> width:258px;<br /> padding-bottom:10px;</p> <p>} </p> <p>#header_icons img { </p> <p>float:right;<br /> height:76px;<br /> width:258px;<br /> margin: 25px 175px 0px 10px;<br /> margin-left:10px;<br /> position: absolute;<br /> right: -1px;<br /> top: 20px;<br /> z-index: 3;</p> <p>}

    One more issue I am having with the header is eliminating the padding from the header banner (superhero) so there isn't as big of a gap between the header banner and the nav. I understand its coded into the theme to position the header image where it is with the padding but I have no idea where to locate this code to eliminate/edit the code itself. Anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you.

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