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Trouble logging in

  1. Hi, I am having trouble logging in to an account that I created last summer. I have tried logging in with the email address that I used to create that account, but it says it says that the email/username is incorrect.

    I created this account, rjlukens, so that I could post a comment on the blog ( I did, and then checked the email that I had used to set that account up. I had received an email saying that I had a comment to approve. So obviously that is the correct email login. How do I go about logging in?

  2. It is a blog.

  3. Any ideas?

  4. Yes, please don't open new threads with the same problem. If someone has a reply, they'll get back to you.

    Did you try the password recovery page? If the email address is incorrect, try with only your username mrslukens.

    Make sure you have first logged out of and have cleared your browser's cache and cookies before you visit that page.

  5. I just
    I just cleared everything tried logging in with mrslukens. It said the same thing. Clicked on forgot password. Used mrslukens and it said invalid username or email. Any other ideas?

  6. And you logged out of rjlukens first, yes?

    I'm going to flag this for staff attention. Since there seems to be a bit of a backlog on flagged posts, please be patient while they get back to you.

  7. Yes, I did. Thanks so much for your time.

  8. Also, please see this support doc and make sure 3rd party cookies are enabled in your browser and then try again.

  9. I did this, and yes, they are enabled.

  10. mrslukens is registered to a mrs[...] (at) email address.

    Do you have access to that email address?

  11. No I do not. But I thought it was registered to my other acct since I got an email from WordPress regarding this acct there? Any other options for me?

  12. If the login would even accept mrslukens as my username, I could probably figure out my password, but it says that username is invalid.

  13. I've got it figured out. Thanks.

  14. @macmanx-What I see right now is a reply from a user with no username and clicking on the (inactive or member) brings me to "User not found". I'm assuming it is rjlukens in another account, but what's going on there?

  15. @justjennifer, hm, sounds strange. Could you upload a screenshot (assuming you can replicate) and post your browser details, please?

  16. I too saw the same thing, I assumed she changed her user name, which can take a few moments to update.

  17. @jenia, now it shows as mrslukens. When I first replied, the username line was blank. I obviously cannot replicate now, but can provide a screenshot. (The time stamps in the screenshot are what I see, i.e. my local time)

    @ardpete-mrslukens was her original username (see the conversation above), so don't think that was it and if you look at her posting time and mine, we're talking about several hours difference, not moments.

  18. @jenia

    jenia, now it shows as mrslukens. When I first replied, the username line was blank.

    I saw the same thin justjennifer is reporting. It was "blank" ie. there was no username.

  19. I think that may be part of the caching issue we're trying to stamp out. I've seen it before, but rarely.

    Overall, it's just a cosmetic issue.

  20. Alrighty, then. Move along. Nothing to see here.

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