Trouble Posting on team blogs

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    Please help me! There is somebody who made me an admin on their blog, now how do I post on the blog?



    Hi there darkblader,
    Don’t despair. We’ll sort this.
    (1) If you are talking about a blog then because you have admin status this means the way you post is the same way you do on your own blog after you log-in and submit your password.
    To write a post, click “Write” then start writing in the large box.
    To edit a post, click “Manage” and then “Posts” and then click “edit” for the post you need to change.
    (2) If you are not talking about a blog then you have to go to Blogger or whatever other blog host the blog you have been made an “admin” on is located and get help from them on their support forum.



    I am talking about a blog, but not mine, another persons.



    Logging in drops you into the dashboard. Click on the link that says “Write a Post.”

    Hope this helps,

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